Saturday, March 27, 2010

Family Tree

I can't begin to tell you how excited I am. I signed up for a free 14 day trial of because I was bored and wondering if I could fill in some of the missing pieces about my Mom & Dad. To me it was a blockbuster. I downloaded an actual Draft Card from 1942 (Shown Below), with his actual signature. Would you believe they required a veteran of 52 years old who had served in WW1 to register for the draft?

 I found out........

1. My fathers Birth date. April 3, 1891.
2. His death, June 4, 1944. He was only 53.
3. He was born in Germany in the state of Hessen, and the town of Fritzlar.
4. He was a member of the Ohio National Guard in 1917.
5. He enlisted in the Army April 21. 1917.
6. He was discharged April 19, 1919.
7. The record says "Birth Location" Baltimore Maryland" which is strange because I was always told he was born in Fritzlar, Germany which I am sure he was according to all of his relatives. It may be where he immigrated to when he came to this country.
8. Enlistment county, Lebanon County, Ohio. There is no such County. It probably was Lebanon, Ohio, A City.
9. He served in Company E. Infantry Ohio, (Co. E, 147 Infantry discharge Mechanic 1, Aug. 1919, Defensive Section, American Expeditionary Forces, June 25, 1918 to March 1919.
10. He had Blue eyes
11. He was only 5' 7 1/2 " tall.
12. He was thin, 168 lbs.

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Junosmom said...

I am enjoying reading all of these. With a mom that was 4'10" and a dad that was 5'7", how in the world did you get to be 5'10"? Do you think it might have been better nutrition (although the fact that you were so poor as a child, did you in fact have better nutrition)?

Blue eyes? What color were your mom's? You maybe got green from the Irish!

I'm most certain he was born in Germany - in fact, I think I have his baptismal certificate (copy).
I'll look for it.

I have previously searched for accounts from his unit, and think I did find something. Did I send you a link?

Keep going! I'm listening!