Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Scared to death by a Doctor

Have you ever been to a doctor for a routine procedure and slowly realize they are concerned about what the examination is revealing? Yesterday I went to the Veterans Hospital for a echo cardiogram. This is very similar to a Mammogram given to pregnant women. It was fascinating to watch on the monitor screen as I could view my heart beating and watch the valves opening and closing while emitting  horror movies sounds of growling and groaning. It said thump, thump, thump, thump in a monotonous rhythm. I noticed the male nurse who was operating the machine kept concentrating on a particular area over and over again. he confided he did not like what he was seeing... He said it looked to him like a clot. possibly as big as a dime. (GULP!) He wanted a doctor to look at it. He called in a very young looking doctor who looked to me as fresh out of medical school. He stroked his half grown goatee and with a very serious look said he was not sure and suggested the head cardiologist should be consulted. Since all the hospital computers are linked he could look at the test without coming to the exam room. The head Honcho suggested  they start an IV and inject a substance in my vein which would show more clearly the area in concern. All of this involved trips to the waiting room. between these consultations. Another scan was done, The results were analyzed as I made another trip to the waiting room. Any time a situation like this arises the worst part is wondering about the outcome. Your mind conjures up all sorts of scenarios. 15 minutes later, 2 doctors and the Nurse walked into the waiting room. Expecting to hear something that would send me immediately to the emergency room, the main doctor said "The test came out clear, What we were looking at was scar tissue from your first heart attack from many years ago, Sorry to put you through all that but better to be safe than sorry", I concur as I let out a sigh of relief.


Robin Rathmell said...

Wow. I was scared, too. You'd think they could be a little less mysterious about the whole thing to keep one from panicing, which is enough to raise your blood pressure high enough to have a heart attack in the first place. Glad it turned out all right. Where is House when you need him. Then again, he probably would have put you through a lot worse before he had an epiphany.

Junosmom said...

That is scary! Or should I say, scarry? I am happy the results were happy. Thank goodness for modern technology though or perhaps they either would not be able to check you thoroughly or not be able to call the head honcho. PS I am arrived at my destination.