Monday, October 04, 2010

My New Floor

People who want to know have been asking about my new floor, It's more involved than you might think. Here is my experiance. First you have to choose what type of product you want and buy it ahead of time. (two to three days to adjust to room temperature) I chose a wide plank Laminate with a 20yr. finish guarantee at $2.38 sq. ft. . You also have to buy underlayment, I chose the heaveast @ $199.00 a roll (needed 2), also had to buy ($2 sq. ft.) 1/4 round trim, Threshold trim for transition to carpet and to tile at door. There is also a drop charge of $60. I needed to cover 369 Sq. Ft.  And my final cost for all materials with tax was $1375.64. Which works out to be $3.73 sq. ft.

The labor to install it will depend on what they have to do. The basic price from everyone is $2 per sq. ft. I checked 4 places and they were all the same. It looks like it would be easy to do, all you have to do is snap the locking pieces together right? Wrong... It took 2 experienced men two 12 hour days to do my one 369 sq. ft. floor with only a 1/2 hr. lunch break.

First they had to take up the carpet and the padding and roll it up and dispose of it. the same is true for the sheet vinyl that was in the kitchen area, they had to remove all the 1/4 round molding around the room and move heavy furniture to one side of the room. They spent the entire 2 days on thier knees. They had to tape the pieces together as they went to keep them aligned. They had to remove 2 door casings to get floor nder them, could not slide it under because of having to tilt them to snap together. They did an excellent job and I would recoment them to anyone.

My total cost from start to finish for labor was $1150.00 or $3.11 sq. ft.  (and worth every penny of it, Please don't tell anyone about this amount, the owner doesn't want the workers to know what he got.

Total labor & materials was $2525 or $6.84 sq.ft.

Thete is more to it than meets the eye.


Junosmom said...

I didn't know you eye was up to meeting anything yet anyway. Nice floor!

Junosmom said...

*your eye*